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Bucks County Down Syndrome Interest Group was founded in 1992 by a group of local parents as a support group brought together by having a family member with Down Syndrome.


In 2016 we established a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status to enable us to utilize the tax-deductible donations we receive from local families and businesses, and to successfully host public and group events to better benefit those with Down Syndrome.


2022 Executive Board


Jillian Weiner



Kathryn McNamara

Vice President


Kelly Pasquarella



Erin Simek



Megan Banis-Clemens


Heather Meyer

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Looking for you!

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BCDSIG board meetings

  • When: Monthly

    • 2024 dates are listed in the newsletter at the top of the page​

  • Time: 7pm

  • How: Virtual - via Google Meet


We would love to have you join us!  Email us for the Google Meet link!  

Executive Board

to those who have pioneered and enriched our organization (hence the quality of life for those with Down syndrome and their families in Bucks County)!  

Brenda Stellato


Brenda is an awesome and busy mother of three!  She has been serving as the Treasurer of our organization for the last several years.  She also loved planning social events like the Holiday parties pre-Covid!  We will get back to in person events soon!

Mariah Baratucci


Anyone who knows Mariah Drenth-Cormick (and that is literally EVERYONE in Bucks county!) loves her and will attest that, when it comes to energy, passion and commitment, she is a total rockstar. In fact, we call her Wonder Woman! Mariah has been extensively involved, both professionally and as a volunteer, with the disability rights community since the birth of her daughter, Kathryn, in 2005. We honestly don’t know what we would do without her advocacy and enthusiasm! THANK YOU for your ongoing service and dedication, Mariah! We adore you! -Tribute by Diana George Santoro

Jessica Pritchard


Jessica is our behind the scenes master of advice and everything legal. Her dedication and guidance was how we obtained our 501c3 status and she continues to guide the BCDSIG towards our future goals. A mother to Maggie and a friend, mentor and leader to many in this group. Jessica Pritchard is a pillar in the Down syndrome community and we our proud to have her as a part of our group.  -Tribute by Erik Weiner

Erik Weiner


Erik has been an active participant in the world of Down syndrome support from the moment our Devan was born. He took on a leadership role with the BCDIG from approximately 2015-2018. During this time he worked with other group leaders to establish a 501C3 for the BCDIG. He was particularly involved with new families, welcoming them and providing support and connections. Erik was and is quick to reach out, to brainstorm something new and to help however needed. He is a fierce advocate for all individuals with different abilities and a prolific writer. He is an amazing husband, Dad to our daughters, Devan (DS) and Kendall and hero to our family.     - Tribute by Kelly Ward Weiner

Kelly Ward-Weiner


Kelly stepped into a leadership role for the BCDSIG from 2017-2018(I think). For many years prior to that, Kelly supported the group thru volunteer efforts and helped me grow in the role I held within the group. She kept the group steady and moving forward until a new set of leaders stepped up and settled into where we are now. She is constant support for new members and is eager to share her experiences as well as learn from veteran mothers and family members that are walking on the path before her. She cares deeply for the inclusion for all. For equity and equality for her daughter Devan and others with different abilities. As we move into a new and bright future of BCDSIG I am confident Kelly will be there to support and love everyone she comes in contact with. -Tribute by Erik Weiner

Kristy Moffett


Kristy served as President from 2019-2021. Kristy is the mother of 2 boys, Colton & Bryant and is married to Jeff. Kristy was instrumental in implementing social fundraising.  Her Yeti cooler fundraiser and first ever Designer Bag Bingo were instrumental in helping the group financially.  Kristy currently works for her local school district and continues to be an advocate for children with special needs.   -Tribute by Megan Thomas-Slack

John Anastasi


John was an instrumental part in transitioning to our current treasurer.  Thanks John, for all your help!

Diana George Santoro


Diana was an original and instrumental part of starting our group.  You can find her on her podcast, check it out!

Tina DiBiaso


Tina is a wealth of knowledge about Down syndrome and the systems that our families interact with.

Balanced Rocks

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.  
 -Isaac Newton

Our Giants

Doris was a big fan and supporter of her grandson, Roman.  She was instrumental in helping support the organization in its early years.  It is with gratitude that we name a yearly honoree (individual or group) that has contributed to advancing awareness and quality of life for our community.

Doris Heilbron

•   Honorees   •


Diana George Santoro

David Heller

Jessica Pritchard

Mill Creek Elementary, Bristol Twp

(presented to Joy McDonald and Katy Craig)

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