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Medical Community Outreach

We are families, not medical providers.  Please make all medical decisions with your medical team.  However we are interested in assuring that our friends and families receive the most up to date and compassionate care that comes with dignity and respect.  

If you are a medical provider, please find resources and links below from trusted resources.  If you are interested in BCDSIG brochures for your office, please fill out this FORM.

If you are a family, feel free to direct your providers to any of the great resources listed here.  Also feel free to reach out for copies of our tri-fold brochure to distribute to your medical providers.

Treating Individuals
with Down Syndrome

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Delivering a
Down Syndrome diagnosis

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The National Parents First Call Center is a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive full-service professional center that serves expectant parents and medical providers as well as Down syndrome organization leaders and parent volunteers.The National Prenatal First Call Center, caters to the “First Call” needs of expectant parents and medical professionals when they first learn of a suspected or confirmed Down syndrome diagnosis. 

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Find resources and training to help expectant parents and medical professionals get the support they need following a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis

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Find more resources to share with families on our "Information for Expectant Parents" page.

BCDSIG Trifold Flier
Download brochure here


If you would like a number of BCDSIG brochures sent to a
specific office/doctor/business, please fill out this FORM

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