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Pool Party
Swimming Pool

Summer Social 

We love getting together with the BCDSIG families in the summer!  

An invitation is usually sent via the Facebook family discussion page or email.  If you are not on FB, or not on our email list, please let us know!

August  2022


Beach Ball in Pool


Would you like to help plan?  

Reach out!


Annual Holiday Party

Our annual winter party is one of our favorite events!  Covid kept us away, but we are hopeful for the future!  

Our next event:


Winter Family Social

Saturday February 24, 2024


If you did not receive an invite, reach out!!!

Decorated Cookies

Annual Winter Party

Plan Your Own
Colorful Balloons

Plan Your Own Playdate!

As an organization, we are committed to planning a winter and summer family social yearly.  Is that enough?  Not nearly!  Since we are a volunteer led organization, we need your help!  If you are interested in planning a playdate, we are happy to help!  If two or more extra chromosomes are there....well, it's a party!  It can be age-specific or in the part of Bucks you are from!  Let us help you advertise on FB or the website!  We may even be able to help financially to make it great!

Shine Together
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Click for FB link

The Shine Together organization provides monthly dances in Doylestown for those with special needs.

Open to individuals 16 and over.  Those under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  

For any questions, comments, or to volunteer, please contact Tiffany Godshalk at 215-416-4550 or email


Event Archives!

Bowling and Pizza A family social Day.png

Thanks for coming!

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